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Welcome to our school administration office. We are here to help ensure your student
has a safe and successful learning experience. Please feel free to visit us in the front office
or give us a call.

The Academic Affairs Office is located on the first floor of the IBSH Academic Building,
the Student Affairs Office is located on the first floor of the IBSH Student Affairs Building,
and the Counselor's Office is located on the second of the Guidance Building.
Opening hours are from 8:00 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Offices have responsibilities for carrying out the general academic administration
and the student affairs administration of the school. Students and parents could seek advice
from our expert administrators and advisers located in the following offices:

1. Academic Affairs Office
    Academic Affairs Director
Academic Planning Coordinator
    Registrar Section
    Teaching Materials & Equipment Section
    Academic R&D Section 
    Elementary Disciplinarian and Activities Coordinator 
2. Student Affairs Office
    Student Affairs Director
    Student Club & Activities Section
    Disciplinary Section
    Sanitation Section
    Information Technology Section
    Physical Education Section

3. Counselor's Office
    Guidance Counselor
    College Adviser

Information can be requested via the email addresses of our administrators. Please see further
details and announcements on the page of each section.
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