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Ministry of Education demands schools to establish rules for student conduct and that teachers, administrators and staff hold every student accountable for any disorderly conduct in school and during school-sponsored activities.  In addition, several courts have determined that the district policy may also apply to student behavior off school grounds that directly interferes with the operation of the school or endangers the safety of other students or staff. Disciplinary Section provides students a system of reasonable rules to maintain conducive learning environment in the school. We have set up school rules and codes of conduct which define the expected standards of clothing, timekeeping, social behaviour and learning ethic. The overall job description of Disciplinary Section is as follows:

* Students Discipline    * Boarding students support
* Department Assembly    * Safety concerns
* Uniforms / Dress Codes    * Dorm Students’ support

The section coordinator is Ms. Savannah Lee. Parents or students who want to discuss how to keep our school a good climate for learning may come to the Student Affairs Office during office hour or call school extension number 299.

School Schedule

The school week is Monday through Friday. Wednesday is half day for grade one and two students only. The school day is divided into seven 50-minute periods.

Gr. 1-9 students should arrive on the school grounds at or before 8:00 AM. They are required to attend the flag ceremony at 7:40 AM every other Wednesday. Gr.10-12 students should arrive at or before 7:40 AM and must also attend the flag ceremony. Please see the schedule below, or refer to BDDB for the most updated schedule.

Lunchtime is from 12:00 noon to 12:40 PM. Noon quiet time is scheduled between 12:40 PM and 1:00 PM. Ten-minute breaks are provided between periods for students to get a drink of water or to use the restroom facilities. Students are allowed to use designated play areas during these breaks.

Students should leave the school campus promptly after dismissal and go directly home. Parents who are picking up their children are requested to come no late than 4:30 PM.

School Discipline Regulations:

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (including student code of conduct and dress code for Gr. 7-12)

Consequences for Infractions of the IBSH School Rules

PDA Rule

Student Leave Form 學生請假單-(PDF file--You have to download the file and print it out.  Then please fill out the form.) (Please down the file. Then open and print the file from the computer. 請先將檔案下載後,在電腦上開啟檔案再列印,格式才不會跑掉。)

Accident Report Protocol

Ways of Anti-Bullying Report

School Cell Phone  Policy


2014-2015 Bus Info

IBSH Traffic Trainer

Morning Drop-off Rules

School Gate Control

School Parking Rules

Traffic Notice

Flag Ceremony:

Flag Ceremony Schedule for 2014-15 2nd Semester

For more infornation, please visit the Discipline page in the E-HANDBOOK.


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