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HSINMUN stands for Hsinchu Model United Nations, which proceeds out of the larger Model United Nations program sponsored by the United Nations itself. This program allows students role-play as U.N. Ambassadors who determine Model United Nations policy in a conference. This activity promotes speaking, debate, and research skills, and a knowledge of current events. HSINMUN, which occurs every year in October recreates the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and the Human Right’s Council. Students are assigned countries, and in the space of one weekend, debate and pass resolutions as if they were real UN Ambassadors. This event has grown to include students from IBSH, local Taiwanese and International schools in Hsinchu, as well as students from schools from all over Taiwan. There is also a press core, who cover the entire conference and produce two newspaper publications before and after the conference.

This program emphasizes student engagement, student responsibility, as well as providing advanced training in English. Students who have gained experience at this conference are also qualified to attend larger MUN activities-at larger venues in Taichung, or in Singapore in the future. In addition, students studying English at NEHS, also participate-bringing NEHS and IBSH together in sponsoring this activity.

HsinMUN X ICJ Issue: Whaling 
Japan v.s. Australia 

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