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2019-2020 School Year Administrators and Assistants

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Email List of IBSH Teachers

1. Principal (Mr. Roger Lee) 李健維校長  ext. 201  email: [email protected] 
* Responsible to the Ministry of Education and the National Science Council
* Teacher Recruiting                                          * Staff management
* School-wide Faculty Meetings                         * Finance and Asset Management
* Teacher/Staff Evaluation                                 * Strategic management
* Professional Leadership                                  * Public Relationship Management
2. Dean/ Head (Ms. Yichi Chu) 朱宜琪主任  ext. 280  email: [email protected] 
* Teacher Recruiting                                          * Faculty Meeting
* Teacher Assignment                                       * Teacher/Staff Evaluation
* Department Policy and Administration
3. Academic Affairs Director(Ms. Peggy Wu) 教務組─吳珮蓁組長 ext. 284  email: [email protected] 
* Teaching Performance Evaluation                 * Professional Development
* Textbook (Teacher’s Edition) Selection          * Curriculum
* Graduation Requirements                               * Grading Policy
4. Academics Planning Coordinator(Mr. Matt Chen) 課務組─陳立業組長 ext. 285  email: [email protected]
* Scheduling (Students, Teachers, Testing)     * Academic Electives
* Official Substitutes Arrangement                    * Math & English Honors Options
5. Educational R & D Coordinator (Ms. Kim Lin)  實驗研究組─林燕靖組長 ext. 286 email: [email protected]
* AP Coordinator                                               * Model United Nations
* Workshop Arrangement for Teachers            * Remedial Program
* Academic Subject Field Trip                          * Academic Competition & Fairs
6. Registrar (Ms. Christine Yin)  註冊組─印娟娟組長 ext. 281 email: [email protected]
* Student Enrollment Procedures                     * Scholarship
* Registration                                                    * Graduation Requirements
* Transferring School
7. Teaching Materials and Equipment Coordinator (Mr. Gary Cheng)設備組─鄭貴立組長 ext. 288 email: [email protected]h.tw
* Textbooks and Teaching Resources             * Classroom and Lab Equipment
* Equipment Budget Administering                  * Classroom Arrangement                              
* School Facilities
8. Western Teachers’ Liaison (Mr. Eduard Liu)  外籍教師事務組─劉宗岳組長 ext. 283 email: [email protected]
* Western Teachers’ Affair
* Assistance of Western Teachers’ Apartment Management
* MOE and School wide (NEHS) policy Translation for Western Teachers
* Administering Western Teachers’ Documents and Reimbursement (ARC, visa and etc.)
9. Technology Section  (Ms. Casey Feng)  資訊組─馮毓琪組長 ext. 287 email: [email protected]
* Computer Technology Consultant                * Computer Lab Maintenance
* Computer Workshop Coordinator                 * IBSH Website Maintenance
10. Academic Affairs Assistant (Ms. Catherine Chang)教學組及註冊組助理─張慧玲小姐 ext. 282 email: [email protected]
* Students Records & Student’s ID Card        * Major Test Papers Management
* Students Enrollment and Transferring          * Students Transcript and Report Card
* Other matters related to Academic Affairs
11. Assistant for Teaching Materials and Equipment (Mr. Bryce Su)設備組助理─蘇昭全先生 ext. 312  email: [email protected] 
* School Property Management                      * Science Lab Manager
* Assistant to Teaching Materials and Equipment Section
* Student Chinese-Textbooks Management 
* Teaching Material Purchasing Management
12. Student Affairs Director (Ms. Jess Cheng)  學務組─鄭維欣組長 ext. 290 email: [email protected]
* Homeroom Teacher Evaluation                    * Students’ Weekly Meeting Activities
* Major School Wide Events & Ceremony       * Community Service
* Homeroom Teacher Duties/ Meetings Arrangement
* Students Discipline of Gr. 7-12                      *Programs of School Wide Ceremonies
13. Student Clubs & Activities Coordinator (Mr. Ricky Wu)  活動組─吳俊賢組長 ext. 293 email: [email protected]
* Student Activities Program                            * School Publications
* Field Trips /Grad. Trip                                    * Student Clubs
* Programs of Major School Wide Events
14. Disciplinary Officer (Commander Wen-Chih Yeh) 葉文志教官 ext. 298 email: [email protected]
* Teacher Monitor Duties                                    * Uniforms/ Dress Code
* Dorm Students’ Care                                        * Students Discipline of Gr. 7-12
15. Disciplinarian (Ms. Grace Lin)  生活輔導組─林凱莉組長 ext. 299 email: [email protected]
* Students Discipline of Gr. 1-6                          * Conduct Grading System 
* Gr. 1-2 after school program                            * Gr. 3-6 after school clubs                                
* Non-academic activities (Field day)                 * Gr. 1-6 Wednesday activities arrangement
16. Physical Education/ Sports Coordinator (Ms. HanYun Chiang) 體育組─江函芸組長 ext. 297  email: [email protected]
* Sports Activities and Contests                       * School Wide Field Day Program
* Sports Team and Club Management             
* After School and Summer / Winter Break Sports Camp
17. Sanitation Coordinator (Ms. Savannah Lee) 衛生組─李慧中組長 ext. 294  email: [email protected]
* Weekly Classroom Cleanliness Evaluation
* Student Inoculation and Physical Examination
* Clean-up and Recycling Policy
* Health & Sanitation Education
* Recycling House Management
18. Student Affair Assistant (Ms. Lynn Lo) 學生事務助理─羅曉霖小姐 ext. 291  email: [email protected] 
* Students Attendance Records                        
* Department Mails Delivery
* Assistant to Student Affairs, Disciplinary, Sanitation and P.E. Sections
* Students Insurance.
19. Director of Guidance (Ms. Karen Wu) 輔導組輔導教師吳秉純組長 ext. 261 email: [email protected]
* Student Counseling
* New Parents Orientation
* Test Specialist
* Parental Guidance Conference
* Interschool Transfer Management
* HRTs’ Student Individual Interview Arrangement
* New Student Interview and Adjustment Assessment
20. College Adviser (Ms. Michelle Roberts) 國外大學入學申請之輔導教師羅宓老師 ext. 265 email: [email protected]
* College placement counseling
* Student/Parents Counseling on College Application
* College Night
* College Visits
* Seniors Admission Process Guiding
* Providing Naviance/College Board/relevant information
21. Director of Teaching and Learning (Mr. Seth Roberts) 英文課程發展專案負責人羅瑟老師 ext. 421  email: [email protected]
* Coordinate the Curriculum Review Cycle.
* Arrange and Provide PD for Teachers in Conjunction with the Curriculum Review Cycle: alignment to standards and creation of curriculum maps and common assessments.
* Communicate with and Train Incoming Teachers on Adopting Curriculum Standards, Common Assessments, etc.
* Write Curriculum Policies; Design and Ensure Congruence of Procedures, Templates, and Expectations for Teachers.
22. Teacher’s Office: ext 268, 269
23. Elementary Homeroom Teacher's Office: ext. 267
24. Learning Support Office: ext. 263
25. Teaching Materials & Equipment Section Assistant (Hugo Huang) 設備組助理黃瑞星先生 ext. 289 email: [email protected]
26. Technology Section Assistant (Johnny Lee) 資訊駐點人員李文正先生 ext.295 email: [email protected]
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