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Students at IBSH come from business, professional, government and diplomatic families. The IBSH community is highly educated: many families include professionals with Ph.D’s.  The school currently enrolls 542 students grades 1-12 and has a full-time teaching staff of 67, which provides an ideal teacher to student ratio of 1:20. The total enrollment in the high school is 231 students, with 58 in the class of 2018. The school has twelve grades which include twenty-four classes. This sophisticated community supports all IBSH’s educational endeavors. Parents and professionals often provide community guidance: counseling, workshops, and extracurricular activities. Many parents devote their free time to supporting activities which enrich and foster student development and learning. This supportive environment encourages each student’s talents and abilities, promoting a spirit of learning and inquiry. 

IBSH shares its purpose with the larger NEHS educational community to serve children whose father or mother works in the private enterprises in the Science Park, and the children of returning overseas Chinese scholars and professionals.  IBSH is a point of transition between the Taiwanese educational system and the American or Western educational systems. In addition IBSH prepares students to attend NEHS in order to be qualified to attend a Taiwanese university, or to attend a Western university in the United States or Canada.

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Students may enroll here only if their parents have recently returned from living abroad to work in the Science Park, adjacent universities or research institute, or government agencies such as the foreign ministry. About 90% of students are ethnic Chinese who grew up overseas and speak both English and Chinese, although more fluent in English. A few students are English speakers from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, British, Ireland, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Australia and Russia, as well as North America. About 38% of their parents hold Ph. D. degrees.

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