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IBSH’s vision is dedicated to “Sincerity, Perseverance, Innovation and Excellence. IBSH aims to promote multi-cultural awareness, bilingualism and the spirit of inquiry. The school’s ultimate goal is to nurture future global citizens with an international perspective which melds a Chinese and Western cultural outlook.
IBSH cultivates truly bilingual and bicultural students who bear broadened horizons and foresight through a combined Chinese and American education, our students are being prepared to become a knowledgeable, competent, ethical and caring global citizen.
To accomplish this vision, IBSH will:
1. Offer Chinese language, literature and social studies classes; with its core based on American educational curricular standards to its students.
2. Provide well-balanced co-curricular activities, Chinese cultural ceremonial experience, community service programs, and various opportunities to go to international youth workshops.
3. Enhance traditional moral values within the classrooms and student conduct code to foster students to be honest, responsible, respectful and helpful.
4. Create a professional learning environment in which teachers, administrators and staff can grow, develop and learn together in all aspects of their professional lives.
5. Engage parents in the school activities to build an enriched, safe and friendly learning community.
6. Benefit its math, science and technology instruction from use of the resource within the Hsinchu science park.  
In the last twenty years, the Bilingual Department has grown from twenty students in 2003 to over five-hundred students in the present academic year. As the world becomes ever more multi-cultural and connected through technology, the Bilingual Department’s role will continue to serve as a connection point-bringing diverse cultural worlds together.
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