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The International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park takes pride in offering bilingual and bicultural education in a tight-knit community that encourages the pursuit of excellence. We aim to inspire students in becoming innovative, inquiring, and compassionate self-directed learners who strive to make a difference in the global community.


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

IBSH will prepare its graduates to be:

Bilingual and Bicultural

  • Communicate effectively in Mandarin and English at appropriate proficiency levels

  • Aware and appreciative of both Eastern and Western cultures and values

Innovative and Inquiring

  • Creative and adaptable problem solvers who seek challenge

  • Active in acquiring knowledge and critical thinking skills to question and evaluate the world around them

Compassionate and Global  

  • Demonstrate a caring and respectful attitude towards diversity

  • Participate in serving both the local and international communities to bring about positive change

Self-Directed Learners

  • Implement effective organizational and time management skills to set strategic goals and complete tasks

  • Continuously reflect on the learning process for self-improvement and growth

IBHS aims to foster student learning and self-development, and a well-rounded education which encourages successful learning while placing an equal emphasis on both the humanity and science curriculums. A  pleasant learning environment where the spirit of inquiry is encouraged is essential in the pursuit of this vision. 

IBSH provides both a Chinese and American curriculum to the students coming from overseas. Our mission is to foster each student's ability to be bilingual, with both English and Mandarin Chinese language proficiency, culturally sensitive and aware, and academically-successful. We want to help our students have the skills to communicate effectively and well, while respecting both cultural and individual differences, pursue higher educational opportunities, and provide a service learning attitude to others. 

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