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2018世界學者盃(WSC)得獎名單 Awards of 2018 World Scholar's Cup 2018-04-17

The members of the 2018 IBSH World Scholar’s Cup delegation were:

Vineeta Chen   Patricia Hung   Dana Chiueh
Katie Chen   Theresa Chiu   Alo Miao
Mollie Cheng   Hao-Sen Hsu   Zechary Chou
Anna Huang   Ryan Hsu   Jack Zuo
Abigail Lin   Cheng-Cian Li   Pierre Merigot
Emily Shen   Alex Chen   Joshua Zhao
Michelle Yoon   Jasmine Chen   Kuan-Wei Wu
Karen Tsung   Claire Fang   Hina Yu
Ellen Ryoo   Serena Teng   Zoe Yeh
Caitlyn Chuang   Tiffany Lee   Annie Pao
Angela Liu   Alexander Ku   Nathan Wang
Sherry Pang   An-Che Teng   Tommy Kim
Gautham Ekambaranellore ClaireA. Kuo   Chris Wang
Clement Merigot   JanetChen Jiang   Jackie Huang
Kevin Yen   Katelyn Chen   Tim Lin

     The International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park brought 45 scholars and 5 teachers to the 10 annual Taiwan Round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Kaohsiung on March 16-17.  The students gave our school much to be proud of.  We brought 8 teams in the junior division (grades 7-9), and 7 teams in the senior division (grades 9-12).  There are three students on each team which competes in four events: Collaborative Writing, The Scholar’s Challenge, Team Debate, and the Scholar’s Bowl.  There were over 350 scholars from 20 schools located all over Taiwan participating.  Our 45 students made up less than 1/6 of the students there but took home more than 1/3 of the awards.  The combined efforts of our students brought home 16 trophies and 339 medals.  Every single student who participated in the event from IBSH won at least one medal, scoring in the top 1/3 of students in at least one event.  All of our students qualified for the global round this summer.  These students distinguished themselves as the top of the top in Taiwan. 

While the IBSH teams won too many awards to note in this article, a few very high awards should be shared with the entire community.  Mollie Cheng was the second ranked individual scholar in the junior division, and the team of Mollie Cheng, Vineeta Chen, and Katie Chen won 2nd place as overall team for the junior division.  They also took first place overall in debate and in the scholar’s challenge.  Mollie was recognized as the best junior debater in Taiwan.  In both divisions IBSH had 4 of the top 10 teams.  The senior team of Dana Chiueh, Janet Jiang, and Katelyn Chen took first place overall team and were also first in writing.  Dana was recognized as the best writer in Taiwan.  Claire Fang was the second place overall scholar and her team along with Tim Lin and Jackie Huang took 4th place overall.  All in all it was clear that schools all over Taiwan know that IBSH is a powerhouse with some of the best scholars in Taiwan!

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