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How to rend a container and utensil for booth and personal use 2019-03-15
School works with the cafeteria to provide some large containers for booth to use.   We al...
No school lunch provided on School Anniversary Day 2019-03-15
No school lunch is provided on school anniversary day (Mar. 20).  Parents and studetns please...
Please pay the school lunch fee by March 17 2019-03-12
Today, the school lunch payment slip was given to students who order school lunch.  Parents ple...
The School Lunch Roster for 2nd Semster 2019-02-10
The link will lead you to the School Lunch Roster for 2nd Semester.  Please confirm the infor...
School Lunch Ordering/Cancellation Information for 2nd semester 2019-01-19
The school lunch ordering/cancellation for 2nd semester starts from now until Friday, February, 2019...
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