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Implementing technology into school is about making things that teachers and students  want and work well. Create these things is hugely excitng. It is an inventive, fun activity.Technology Section of IBSH always tries to provide every one in our school a better and easier way to use information technology in teaching and learning.  New information technologies create options for how teachers teach, how students learn, and how classrooms look and operate such as VOD system, projectors, digital whiteboards, laptop computers, wireless environment and some new servers including Moodle system. We have replaced all the computers in teachers offices with Quad Core PCs; and by now we have 3 computer labs as well as a mobile lab with 30 Macbooks. Although there has been a strong push to get educational technology into the hands of teachers and students, some obstacles to implementation still exist. The recent challenge to us are: replacing old network systems, building Video-On-Demand systems, establishing new Grading / Mail / FPT system, and installing more digital whiteboards.  
Other job details of Technology Section include:
1. Placing Computers for Equitable Acess.
2. Maintaining website and servers.
3. Providing Technical Support.
4. Determining Effective Goals for Technology Use.
5. Coaching Teachers at Different Skill Levels.
6. Offering Incentives for Teachers to Use Technology.
7. Choosing Appropriate Software.
8. Obtaining and Sustaining Funding.

Computer Repair Request Form for Teachers

Parent PIN Code Request Form

Should you have any questions about Technology Section or our website, please email: [email protected], thank you!

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