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Fri. Dec. 8 --- Gr.1 and 4 Health Check 2017-12-07
Dear Gr. 1 and 4 parents, 

Tomorrow (Dec.8) Gr. 1 and 4 students will have the health check around 10:00.  It will take place in Actvitiy Room in KINDERGARTEN BUILDING.  

Please have your child wear the sportswear or loose clothing which can provide your child greater freedom of movement.  Please avoid any jumpsuit. (請讓孩子在明天穿著方便活動之寬鬆服裝,並請不要讓您的孩子穿連身的衣服。

Please make sure your child will take a bath, wash hair, and brush teeth tonight.  (請務必讓您的孩子在今晚要洗澡、洗頭並確實刷牙)

Boys will have the checkup of Urinary and reproduction system.  The boy may need to pull down the pants and let doctor to check.  However, the school will prepare a provide corner with tent  to ensure everyone' s privacy.  And a nurse will be there to help.  Please talk about it with your boy tonight and ease his anxiety.  

The following is the note for health check.  Please read it and follow the instruction.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.  

Have a nice day!

Savannah Li
IBSH Sanitation Section

Activity Room in Kindergarten Building (1F)
10:00~11"10 Friday, December 8, 2017
Health Check items

Eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, belly, limbs, skin, pinworm test.

 Chest --including cardiopulmonary disease and thoracic abnormality

Urine test--including urine sugar, urine protein, occult blood, and pH value

Urinary and reproduction system -- BOYs ONLY -- including prepuce abnormality and Varicocele

  1. In order to make the health check smooth, please remind your child that he/she must maintain good personal hygiene especially the day before the health check, including take a bath, wash hair and brush teeth.  On the day of health check, please have your child wear sportswear (loose clothing).  Please do NOT wear jumpsuit. 檢查前一晚請務必要洗澡、洗頭及刷牙。檢查當日請穿著方便的衣服,請「不要」穿著連身衣。

  2.  Please must attend the school on the day of health check if there’s no any emergency.  If your child is absent for emergency, please inform the homeroom teacher and sanitation section. 非必要、緊急之原因,請務必到校,如因緊急狀況需請假,請通知導師及衛生組。

  3.  For chest and belly check (including the check of urinary system), with the help from nurses and teachers, the school will provide a private corner with tents to ensure your child’s privacy.  Please talk with your child about it and ease their anxiety before the health check.  (The urinary system check is ONLY for BOYs.) 胸部、腹部及男生的泌尿系統檢查都會確保學生個別的隱私,會準備遮簾,現場除了專業之醫生,亦有專業護士在旁協助。男生之泌尿系統檢查,學生需將褲子拉下至大腿處,還請家長今晚能先與孩子溝通,以減輕孩子的緊張焦慮感。

  4. We will give you the report.  If there is any anomaly, please have your child get the further examination in local hospital.  Please write down the result in the return slip which goes with the health report and turn in the return slip to sanitation section.  If there’s no any anomaly, the parent only needs to sign on the slip and return it.待檢查報告完成後,會給家長一份健檢報告,在您收到健檢報告後,如有顯示任何異常部分,還請家長協助帶孩子到醫療院所做進一步檢查。

  5. The school will set up a database for students’ health record, so that we can follow students’ condition afterwards.學校亦會將學生健檢資料造冊留存,以掌握學生之健康狀況。

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