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[8/08revised]School Lunch Order for 1st semester (2018~2019) 2018-08-24


1. New student who doesn't know the school ID yet, please fill in "000000" for the item of "Student's School ID" in the lunch order form. 已經確定入學的新生也可以訂購午餐,若您還不知道學生學號,還請您在學生學號的欄位填入「000000」即可,訂餐表單有開啟「表單送出後編輯」的功能,因此您可以在確認學號後,再行修改資訊。衛生組也會在結束訂餐後,一一檢查所有學生的資訊。

2. If you are using smartphone to order the school lunch, pleas switch the blogger page to "WEB VERSION".  You can find the link "View web sersion" at the bottom of the page.  如果您正使用手機來訂餐,在進入school lunch的網誌頁面後,請將頁面改為一般網頁瀏覽模式,您可以在手機瀏覽模式的最下方,找到「View web version」的連結。


The school lunch order is available now.  Please click the following link to the School Lunch Blog.  You will find the link to school lunch ordering form on your right-hand side. 

The school lunch order google form will be closed on August 24.  Plesae submit your order before 11:59 p.m on August 23, 2018.

All the school lunch will be NEW ORDER.  That is, no matter whether you'd ordered school lunch before, you need to submit new order for NEW SCHOOL YEAR,  Thank you for your cooperation!


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