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[Award] Juniors' Harvard Prize Due 4/18 2019-04-02

Application Form in School Email Inbox

Harvard Prize Book Application

                Harvard Prize Book

By Harvard Club of ROC


l   Who: Harvard Prize Books are awarded to outstanding students in the next-to-graduating high school class who display excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields. Donated by Harvard Clubs and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs), Prize Books are presented annually in nearly 2,000 high schools around the world.

l   Where: Prize Books may be awarded to students in a high school of the Club’s or SIG’s choosing. IBSH is one of those.

l   When: Prize Books are generally presented at the end of the academic year, at high school award ceremonies with remarks from a local Harvard alumnus/a.

l   Why: Prize Books are an important way for Harvard Clubs and SIGs to help attract the attention of talented young students to the opportunities at Harvard College.

l   How: The goal of the Harvard Prize Book program is to recognize outstanding high school students who display general excellence and high character. Awards should not be tied to such criteria as athletic achievement or work in a specific community. Prize Books are awarded without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or political beliefs. Additionally, it is at the discretion of the secondary school to determine the recipient of a Prize Book. Selection cannot be done through an application process.

l   Application:

n   Fill out the application form with the personal statement.

n   Turn in a copy of official high school transcript

n   Provide copies of proves/certificates of academic and non-academic, leadership achievement.

n   Committee among IBSH faculty will select one student from the applicants according to standards that Harvard Club of ROC had declared.

l   When: Submit the form to Guidance Office in IBSH before 3pm Apr.18 (Thu.), 2019.


1910年來哈佛大學校友會總會設立了Harvard Prize Book至今,已經數十年的歷史,目的對於表現優異及有才華的高中生,不但肯定其表現,也是幫助及提供學生能夠順利進入哈佛大學或是其他升學的管道。


Harvard Prize Book在台灣是由中華民國哈佛大學校友會來執行頒發,藉由此獎狀來鼓勵台灣的高中學生在學業及課外活動上的傑出表現。






(1)       中華民國哈佛大學校友會年刊一本

(2)       中華民國哈佛大學校友會獎狀



(1)       高中二年級在學學生

(2)       學業成績優良及品行良好

(3)       學業成績以外的特殊表現

(4)       優良領導能力

(5)       由學校推薦




(1)       申請表格

(2)       自傳一篇

(3)       所有高中學業成績

(4)       非學業成績之特殊表現之相關資料

(5)       目前領導的團體及職位












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