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Club Evaluation Criteria
(June, 2010 Edited)
  • Evaluation will be held twice a year (Jan and Jun).
  • Everything should be computerized with output on paper and digital file.
  • Documents for evaluation can be in different format but should meet following criteria:
1.      Club Goals
Did you meet the club goals? (Please explain in at least 75 words)
2.      Quality of events
Please provide the following items as the evidence/report: Proposal+notice/files; event pictures; post event feedback (strengths/improvements, 200 words typed up); number of participants at each event, or competitions participated)
3.      Products
If applicable, please explain each product created by the club, i.e. newspaper, books, competitions, songs, drawings, etc.
4.      Average number of members at each event/meeting
5.      Supervisor’s input (administration will gather this information)
6.      Mandatory attendance is required for every club president during the evaluation (January & June). Presidents are encouraged to bring any evidence needed to verify the club’s productivity.

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