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  2018-2019 Bilingual Department Clubs’ Information

  President Club Email Club Advisor
Astronomy Alice Cai [email protected] Mr. Jay Shumway
Baseball Samuel Lin [email protected] 張家銘
BDDB Ethan Chien/Nina Low [email protected] Mr. Alex Fishman
BDSC Brian Chiang  [email protected] Ms. Jess
Cardboard Box Chloe Chen [email protected] Ms. Katie McDermott
CBC Elijah Chou [email protected] Ms. Mackenzie Young
Cheerleading Bella Shang [email protected] Ms. Grace Lin
CinemaScope Jane Chen [email protected] Ms. Casey Feng
Cubing Club Tim Lin [email protected] Ms. Jenny Juan
D. Co Phoebe Wang [email protected] Ms. Mackenzie Young
Debate Victor Su/Claire Fang [email protected] Mr. Michael Gardner
Drama Maria Saenko [email protected] Mr. Ryan Kastner
Esports Club Jason Perng [email protected] Mr. Kayou Sou
Fellowship Evonne Wang [email protected] Mr. Ray Chin
Fitness Club Justin Chen [email protected] Mr. Jay Shumway
Forte Justin Chou [email protected] Ms. Chen Chao Lian (potential)
Gamemaking Club Joshua Lin [email protected] Ms. Casey Fang (potential)
GLO Mark Kuo, Jenny Lee [email protected] Ms. Bianca Chen 
 Humane Society Katelyn Chen [email protected] Mr. Ben Krystal
IBSH Cross Country Jasper Yeh [email protected] Mr. Ice Chan
IBSH Cycling Club Wesley Yang [email protected] Mr. Jay Shumway
IBSH Programming Team Annie Geng [email protected] Ms. Casey Fang
IBSH ROAD Claire Fang [email protected] Ms. Joyce Lo
IBSH Stand Up Comedy Richard Sang [email protected] Ms. Karen
IBSH Swimming Team Jacob Chen [email protected] 江涵芸 老師 (potential)
IBSHO Jeffrey Chang [email protected] Chao-Lien Chen
Inkblot Claire Fang [email protected] Ms. Marina Lin
Interact Ethan James Chien [email protected] Ms. Crystal Wu
InTune Alex Han [email protected] Mr. James Ro
Jubilee Project Katelyn Chen [email protected] Ms. Marina Lin (potential)
Key Club Nicole Chen [email protected] Mr. Ricky Wu
KW&C Alica Lee [email protected] Ms. Crystal Wu
Lettuce Breathe Amanda Chen [email protected] Mrs. Roberts
Mathematics Club Tommy Kim [email protected] Ms. Candy Tang
MUN Dana Chiueh  [email protected] Michelle Roberts,
Seth Roberts,
Benjamin Krystal,
Kim Lin
Poetry Club Dana Chiueh  [email protected] Mr. Alex Bleecker
RHA Theresa Guey  [email protected] Ms. Savannah Lee
Robotics Justin Chen [email protected] Mr. Ray Chin
Roots and Shoots Gloria Liu [email protected] Ms. Karen Wu 
Save More  Yu-shin Lee [email protected] Ms. Jane Yang
Shutter Lens Light Ethan James Chien [email protected] Mr. Eduard Liu
Soccer/Football Jiashen Kuo [email protected] Mr. Ice Chan
STEP Nina Low [email protected] Ms. Joyce Wu
Tennis Team  Andrew Lin/Young Lin [email protected] 宋啓暉
The Inventors Yining Tsao  [email protected] Ms. Christine Yin
The Pawprint Dana Chiueh  [email protected] Ms. LeCuyer
UNICEF Cynthia Lou [email protected] Ms. Jenny Juan
WSC Claire Fang/
Joshua Zhao
[email protected] Mr. Roberts
Yearbook Claire Chuang [email protected] Ms. Serena Lee

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