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The UNICEF Project is an inter-school, month-long service-learning project aimed at raising awareness of world poverty (the learning part) and funds for UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations (the service part).  While the raising of money is important, the fund raising is secondary in importance in the UNICEF Project.  The primary aim of the project is the intellectual and moral training of individuals who have acquired, to some degree, a certain level of knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills, and abilities that will inspire them in developing a life of service to humanity.  Specifically, the UNICEF Project seeks to raise awareness about the manifold aspects related to world poverty and explore more deeply about what it means to be a member of one human race.  What does it mean to be world citizen in the world today, for example?  What is our personal responsibility to humanity?  What is the purpose of education?  These are some of the core questions that guide the project.

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The Unicef Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3, May 2010

2010 Carnival for UNICEF

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